For Men, Women, & Adolescents
Dr. Cromwell and his staff welcome your interest in the most up to date
and effective treatment for skin imperfections. The technology for
removal of unsightly hair, age spots, red lesions, and varicose veins has
changed by light years in the past decade with lasers  being the most
efficacious with the highest patient satisfaction. To date no one can
guarantee complete removal of all hair in designated areas, but with
multiple treatments, the average being 3, up to 90% of patients are
very satisfied with their end results.
If you would like a free consultation please call and we will schedule your
Areas commonly requested
Upper Lip  Chin  Cheeks Back     Legs  Bikini Axilla Arms           
Spider veins on the face and extremities are treated by lasers with very
high success and little risk or discomfort. Red lesions, rosacea, and warts
also are safely treated.
MicroDermabrasion is a revolutionary new and very successful
technology to remove safely and painlessly age spots, fine wrinkles, acne
scars, blemished skin, enlarged pores, and dull thickened skin.

The Laser Face Lift and other areas of skin laxity is the newest and most
exciting technology  available at our office.  Inquire about the GentleMax.